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Traditional Costume

Visitors are required to dress decently on the precincts of religious buildings. Ladies should not wear shorts, briefs or bra-less T-shirt on Shwedagon Pagoda. Shoes and socks or stockings must be removed at Pagodas and Monasteries.
The Myanmar people wear simple and elegant. It is a unique country in South East Asia where the majority of the people maintains the traditional costume. Due to the hot climate, both men and women wear longyis, except for those in the military, who wear trousers. The longyi is a loom woven length of cloth draped around the lower body and legs and tied at the waist. Male and female longyis also differ in the patterns printed or woven into them. On top men wear a light shirt, covered by a typical jacket on formal occasions.
On the head, wear a gaungbaung, which for a farmer can be a simple length of cloth twisted around the head like a turban, while a government official at a formal event will have one made of silk and stretched over a light wicker frame. Women wear a long or short-sleeved blouse. Because of the hot weather and rains, sandals are worn rather than shoes.

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